Aeroguard Mist

  • Blending science and aesthetics, Aeroguard Mist is the perfect accessory to spruce up your living room. The powerful 6 stage ActiveShield™ filtration system eliminates respirable airborne particles & dreaded airborne infections, making the air 99.9% pure & healthy always.
  • Its Active 10X pre filter removes dust, dirt, pet dander and other large suspended solids while the Honeycomb active carbon filter absorbs impurities like Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and other noxious gases.
  • The patented Active HEPA™ Filter employs a nano-fibre structure to eliminate ultrafine particles like bacteria, pollen etc. The air is further sterilised and deodorised by the UV lamp of the patented Active Oxidation™ cell. While the negative ions produced bind themselves with airborne pollutants and removes them from the air thereby creating a fresh and cleaner environment.
  • The super Intuitive Technology employed in the Aeroguard Mist automatically chooses the best setting based on the level of pollution & room size. Moreover it consists of a 4 stage air flow control to adjust to multiple level of cleaning based on need. With a built-in sleep mode, easy to set timer and a child lock facility – all of which can be controlled by an ergonomically designed remote control make the operation of the device extremely easy and convenient.
  • The unit is also equipped with an Intelligent Reminder that alerts you at the appropriate time for filter change.
  • Certified by the world renowned German ‘gui-Lab’ for results, Aeroguard Mist is the perfect partner to make the air you and your family breathe just appropriate for you.
Series Mist
Weight 4.8 Kg
Life Span Filter: 2000 litres
Rated Voltage 220-240V, 50 Hz
Air Flow 205 m3/h
Timer 1 – 12 hours
Noise Level <35 db
Rated Power 56 W
Coverage Area 300 sq.ft
Accessories Remote Control
Purification Stages 6
Air Flow Control 4 stage
Activeshield Filteration YES
Anti Dust Filter NO
Anti Allergen Filter NO
Active 10 X Pre – Filter YES
Active Oxidation Cell YES
Active Nano Silver NO
Anti Microbial Formula NO
BreatheSafe Filter YES
Carbon Filter Honeycomb Active
HEPA Filter Active HEPA™ Filter
Anion Generator YES
Intutive Technology YES
Intelligent Filter Change Reminder YES
Sleep Mode YES
Timer YES
Child Lock NO
Remote Control YES
GUI Certification YES
Mood Lamp NO
Air Quality Indicator YES
Control Smart Remote Control

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