List a USED product

After clicking on ADD PRODUCT, the Listing page will open as seen here

Step 1 :: Select Product Condition as USED PRODUCT

Step 2 :: Select the quantity that you want to sell on EyeLooT

Step 3 :: If you have various choices for your product at same price, then enter the name of the choice and click on ADD ANOTHER OPTION, so that customer can select the choice while buying the product.

  • Example :: For colour, mention as Blue Colour, White Colour, Black Colour etc etc
  • Example :: For size, mention as Size 6 No., Size 7 No. , Size 8 No. , Size 9 No. ,

Step 4 :: Enter your Price. Your price should be inclusive of all your expenses like shipping & Packaging. As soon as you enter your price, the system displays the final sale price which includes EyeLooT service charge.

Step 5 :: Select the Purchase date of your product

Step 6 :: Select the Time of Delivery

Step 7 :: Enter/Select the Reason for selling the product

Step 8 :: If you are offering any free gifts, then enter the name of free gift.

Step 9 :: If you have any message for customers, then mention it under NOTES