Portronics Power Slice II

Portronics Power Slice II 4000mAh power bank with LED tourch is so handy and comfy that you just can’t resist it. Forget about those oldfashioned bulky power banks that cause more trouble than convenience while on travel. This master-blaster device is so small that you can keep it in the pocket without any discomfort. It is not more than a centimeter thick and the length and width are 12cm and 6cm respectively. It weighs less than 100 grams. You don’t feel like carrying a power bank in the pocket. Though the edges are smooth, the design follows ergonomic principles. It is easy to grab, with a reduced risk of accidently slipping it down. The single piece carved design makes it structurally rigid. Thus, the risk of damage is less.

Model : Power Slice II
Battery type : Li-Polymer battery
Power source : DC 5V
Input current : DC 5.0V – 1000mA
Output current : DC 5.0V – 1000mA
Rated capacity : 4000mAh
Size : 113.5 X 12.8 X 58.2 mm
Load detection : Auto-detect the plug-in and plug-out of devices
Safety : Input OVP, OCP, Output OCP OVP, short protection, cell protection including OVP OCP
Out of power protection : Awake once pluged to the charger
Charging temperature : 0 -45 (TYP)
Weight : 98g

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