Portronics Pico II

Pico II – Power without Wires

Smallest 2200 mAh Power Bank for all Mobile and Smartphones
The Pico II (2200mAh) emergency Mobile charger is an ultra-compact rechargeable battery pack that can provide instant power to your Blackberry, Android based Smartphones, Blackberry and more. The Pico II features an integrated Micro-USB and to support new era of smartphones, Phablets and Tablets. This allows the Pico II to be compatible with virtually all USB charged Smartphones and Bluetooth devices including BlackBerry, Android based, HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Nokia Smartphones and more. It packs a powerful 2200 mAh battery to assure you can continue making phone calls, watching videos and listening to music without clumsy wires
Micro USB connector
Compatible with any Android Phone, Blackberry, HTC, etc
Quick Charge
Quick Charge 1 Amp Technology charges your Smartphone at full speed.
Compact and easy to carry
The Portronics Pico II fits in the palm of your hand, yet packs enough power to give you many hours of talk time on your favorite Smart Phone. Pico II has an impressive 2200 mAh battery capacity. It utilizes high density lithium-ion battery cells to provide powerful capacity in a small package.
How much it charges
Extend Samsung Galaxy note talking time by 9 hours on 3G, 18 hours on 2G or
Extend Samsung Galaxy Nexus talking time by 8 hours on 3G, 18 hours on 2G or
Extend Samsung Galaxy SII talking time by 10 hours on 3G, 19 hours on 2G or
Extend Samsung Galaxy SIII talking time by 9 hours on 3G, 16 hours on 2G
Incredible Versatility
Pico II can be connected to any Apple 4S or 5 Connector and is able to charge Apple ecosystem.
Charging the Pico II
Charging the Pico II is simple, just use the included Micro-USB cable and plug into any USB 2.0 or 1.1 compatible outlet.
LED Meter
The Pico II features an LED battery charge meter to display the battery’s remaining capacity. The 4 point LED’s display the remaining charge in 25% increments.

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