Portronics Pen Stick Wired Selfie Stick


Portronics presents its range of best in class selfie sticks which truly supersedes other selfie sticks that are available in the market. Meeting the contemporary times, the stick is available in various colour schemes apart from the regular black and silver colours. The Pen Stick comes in three colours- black, blue and Orange. This way, you get a chance to choose a stick that matches the colour of your phone. Your friends will be envious of you when they will see the stick. When they will be sticking their arms out to take photographs, you will be standing relaxed with your selfie stick without extending your arm much.

This mini selfie stick requires no batteries and works everywhere as has a simple wire connection that plugs into your smart phones headphone jack to replicate the volume control shutter-release feature on both iOS and Android devices.

Light Weight








  • Model : Pen Stick
  • Body : Aluminium + Silicon
  • Extend : 70 cm
  • Fold : 13.4 cm
  • Section : 8 Sections
  • Weight : 92.5g
  • Size (cm) : 12 x 3 x 3 cm