Portronics Health Key III

Step Count

Health Key3 counts steps for any activity that includes step like movements including walking, running and stairs.


Health Key3’s Calorie Counter function is great for putting your activity into familiar measurable terms related to weight loss or control.

Time spent

Use Health Key3’s Timer function to time the distance between two points or alternatively measure the amount of time you have been walking.

7 Day Memory

Health Key3 comes with a 7 day memory which helps you to review your total walking and calories data on a daily or weekly basis.


Health Key3 is absolutely easy to carry, pocket-it, bag-it or dock-it anywhere to suit your style and convenience.

Health Key3 comes with

» Battery with up to 3 month’s battery life
» Auto LCD off and wake-up (helps save power)
» Low battery indicator  10 step buffer error correction
» 7 days record storage

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