Portronics Handmate


Handmate Windows 8 Pen is specifically designed for Windows 8 PCs. It can change the normal PC screen into touch enable screens with ease. This is a revolutionary accessory made for laptops and desktop and competent enough to convert normal computer screen into touch enable screens for convenience and ease of use. If you want to experience and enjoy the features of Windows 8 to the fullest, then Handmate would be the best choice for you. Infrared and Ultrasound technologies have been used in this innovative accessory and this accessory includes a small receiving unit and ultrasonic digital stylus. As the name suggest, the device is specifically designed for Windows 8 PCs and it can convert all non-touch laptops and desktops into touch enable screens.

This cost effective accessory is easy to operate and it can help you to view your mails and images with zoom in and zoom out. With this device you can easily activate all the software installed in your computer.

Salient features

1. Plug & Play, turn your existing PC to touch as easy as 1-2-3.
2. Cost-effective accessory, much better than buy an expensive touch screen laptop.
3. Slide, swap, drag to operate.
4. View Web &mail, zoom in & zoom out pictures, playing games, annotate on office document freely
5. Activate all software icons with a simple touch like it happens on Tablets
6. Slide, swap, drag to operate
7. Uses Ultrasonic and Infrared Technologies
8. Ultra simple user experience













Technology: Ultrasonic and Infrared
Coverage area: up to17″(MAX)
Resolution: 100 DPI
Accuracy: 0.2mm
Communication: USB 2.0 Full Speed , USB Cable
Power Source: Pen: 2 x SR41 batteries
Pen Battery Life Time:500 hours of continues writing/hovering.(The ratio of the pen’s working and standby time is 1:9 )
Note: Lifetime of the batteries may vary and cannot be guaranteed
Standards: FCC/CE
Platform Support:
Windows® 8
· Sampling rate:58 samples/second
· Power consumption:
· Operating Temperature: +10°c to +35°c.
· Storage Temperature: -10°c to + 50°c.
· Operation Relative Humidity Range: 20% – 80 %   (40°c).
· Storage Relative Humidity Range: 20% – 80 %       (40°c).
· Size: L * W * H: 68.01*26.32*7.70 (mm)
· Weight: about 9gr.
Color: Black

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