Portronics Electropen


A groundbreaking device has been launched known as Electropen that is competent enough to record everything you draw, sketch or write on any surface. This is a technologically advanced pen that records your write ups, sketches and drawings on any surface. A professional who want to record their details, a writer who want to record their next bestseller or a student who want to take notes can make use of this digital pen and easily digitalize their work. Now you can easily record anything digitally in convenient, easy and smart way.

The primary working modes of the Electropen:

Note taking Mode: It is also known as Remote Mode where the users simple need to carry the Receiver and Pen to record their write ups. The users need to connect the Receiver with paper, notebook or on the surface where they will write. There is a receiver button that the user needs to press after the complete writing on each page so that the receiver can store the things written. The users can easily view the number of pages stored by the receiver. At a time the receiver can store up 100 pages which can be transferred to computer system simply by connecting the receiver with the system through USB. There is software known as Note Manager Software that users need to install in their system with the help of which the written materials stored in the receiver can be transferred to computer. The software comes in bundle with Electropen.

Graphic Mode: This is also known as Online Mode where the receiver is connected with the computer system while taking notes on computer or making sketches. This is quite useful and helpful mode that helps the users to do many things on their computer system like:

• It enables the users to make free-hand sketches by using different types of colors and intensity of their desire.

• Users can also make notes on Microsoft Excel and Word documents. This is very useful mode for Senior Managers that enables them to review documents and revert back with handwritten material with ease.

• Users can easily customize the JPEG images and files simply by inserting hand written messages and texts or by signing the images to add charm.

• It can also capture digital signatures of users for photo ids, documents and more.

Air Mouse Mode: The best mode apart from writing and drawing! In this mode the users can use the same pen as wireless mouse.

Salient features

Normal paper: Write on any normal paper or notebook.
Handwriting Recognition: Converts handwriting to editable text.
Memory: Can store up to 100 A4 pages in the electronic format.
Wireless: No computer required while you take your notes.
Dual use: Can be used as writing / painting device or a mouse.


Technology Ultrasound and infrared
Ink refill Standard refill (67mm long x 2,35mm
Net weight 12g
Receiver Rechargeable battery (about 8 hours of
continuous writing)
Pen battery About 30 hours of continuous writing
Coverage area A4/letter size
Storage capacity A4/letter size documents

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