Portronics Car Power II

Car Power will be your trusted companion during travels and will make you free from the hassle of carrying those bulky chargers everywhere and searching for a charging point wherever you go. When you have this product, you would not have to take frequent stops during long travels to charge your device at the nearest socket available as you can keep charging your device while travelling in the car. There must have been a situation when you must have connected your phone to the car’s music system and as soon as you started the music, the phone’s battery went kaput. Car Power will save you from those frustrating moments when you have to travel long distances without good music as you will be able to charge your phone while listening to your favourite songs. Grab one today to ensure that all your devices never run out of battery.

Model : Car Power 2
Body : Plastic Body
Connectivity : Micro USB
Cord Length : 1 Feet Approx
Support : Any USB Device
Input : 12V
Output current : 5V @ 4.8A
Temperature : Use under 70o
Size : 87.5 X 40 X 40 MM
Weight : 88.6 gm with packaging

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