Panasonic EH-ND13


  • Healthy mode (50 degree centigrade)
  • Cool air selection with quick drying nozzle attachment and turbo function
  • 3 speed selection
  • Includes main unit, quick drying nozzel, nozzel and operating instruction manual


Product Description

Be ready to get a classy look with this new chic hair dryer from Panasonic. Now get a silky and gorgeous hair with this set of device that panasonic has to offer. The hair dryer is made in such a way that its stylish looks allow you to take fashion in style. Try new innovative looks on yourself and get ready to flaunt your day. It comes with an advance feature of cool air selection which respects your created style and the shining effect of hair and tends them to hold for a long period of time. Has three speed settings that allows you choose the amount of airflow for efficient operation. Consists of turbo function that helps drying your hair fast and easy. Consumes 1000 Watt Power gives salon like styling for your hair. Sleekness in style sleek body and smooth finish makes it easy to hold.


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