Panasonic RP-CDHX30


Panasonic High Grade, High Speed HDMI cable gives you the ultimate picture image and sound quality.

The CDHX series delivers the ultimate in pure digital signals for the highest quality pictures and sound. This is achieved with a silver-coated, solid metal composite, 0.32mm wide cord which replaces the original twisted copper line (the metal composite transmits low-frequency signals and the silver coating transmits high-frequency signals).

Cutting edge digital sources, such as 4K x 2K resolution and 3D high-definition, demand extremely high data transfer rates and high levels of noise shielding for the cord. By adding a triple layer shielding cord, the CDHX’s inside plug is shielded with a metal case, and the plug itself is protected by a zinc, die-cast metal cover. The result is dramatically-minimised electro-magnetic interference.

The flat shape of the cord keeps adequate distance between the inside lines, avoiding signal interference, and keeps the cord flexible enough to bend without data interruption. This makes connection easier, even in the tight space behind flat screen TVs.



  • Transmission speed of 10.2 Gbps supports Full HD 3D (1080-p), Deep Colour, 4K2K, ARC
  • Uses SCCS solid wire for high sound and image quality
  • Zinc die-cast plug and cover, plus three-layer shield structure and steel shield case
  • Flat shape cable for thick inner cords
  • High speed HDMI certified by licensing LLC



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