Mumbaikar’s dont need any change !

If the Shiv Sena has its way, names of several suburban railway stations in Mumbai, given by the erstwhile British rulers, will change.

What they want

  • Grant Road to be changed to Gamdevi
  • Charni Road to Girgaum
  • Elphinstone Road to Prabhadevi
  • Sandhurst Road to Dongri
  • Cotton Green to Kalachowki
  • Reay Road to Ghodapdeo
  • Currey Road to Lalbaug 


    The Sena has requested the Union government to change the names of a number of suburban railway stations in Mumbai to the original names of the areas they are located in.

    We as Mumbaikar’s dont want any change in the names of railway stations. We urge Government of India not to change the names of Stations.